TLF Margarita
2015 Sport Pony Filly (foaled 7/10), by Golden State, out of TLF Macarena. 
​Confirmed in foal to Stibby Me for a 2019 foal!
Video of Sire: Golden State, in Germany.

2011 - Licensed in Munster Germany in November as a Premium and Final Ring Stallion.
2012- Bundeschampion with historical record high score 9.56 (10 walk, 9.5 trot, canter, rideability. harmony, conformation)
2013 - Stallion Performance Test Champion with 8.56 (9 trot, 9.5 canter, 10 walk, 9.3 rideability, 7.0 jumping
2014- USDF Horse of the Year First Level
2015 NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage/Breed Show results-Reserve Champion Foal.
2nd place Current yr. Fillies, 1st place Sport Pony in hand Fillies/mares, High point NASPR.  All at 2 months of age!
2015 USDF All Breeds Award winner for NASPR Current 
year fillies!
Premier rated at inspection with a score of 8.6
Twin Lights Farm

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Margarita's 2015 Show results (Current year foal) 

AUG. 2015-Carbery Fields Sport Horse Show I:  
                   Fillies of 2015 Class-Score of 72.87 (One month of age)
AUG. 2015-Carbery Fields Sport Horse Show II: (One month of age)
                   Fillies of 2015 Class-Score of 73.7

SEPT. 2015-NEDA Fall Dressage Festival  (two months of age)
                   Sport Pony In Hand/Mares and Fillies Class-Score of 73.5 and First Place
                    Fillies of 2015 Qualifier-Score of 75.52 and Second Place-Score of 75.52    and Second Place
                    Foals of 2015 Championship-Reserve Champion