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Dec. 2016-Benno's Nor'Easter-Sold to Apple Knoll Farm, NH
Good luck in the shows this season!
May 13, 2017- TLF Summer Solstice (by Schroeder, out of TLF Crown Jewel) was bred to Ridley for a 2018 foal.
May 29, 2017 Summer was confirmed in foal, Woohoo!
New full size riding ring is finished!  New improved footing, fencing in progress and lighting being installed.  
New round pen being installed as well! 
Show update June 2017- Benno's Nor'Easter (aka Stormy, by Benno's Dream and out of Elphick's Encore) was Champion Baby Green at the Cheshire Show!  
Photo credit Melody Couture
I received this lovely letter a little bit ago.  I am so happy when I get updates on the horses and ponies I have bred.  Just love to hear that they are making people happy and being good citizens!  This update is on TLF Valimar, by TLF Valinor and out of Thallene Mist xx.  

" Hello, this is Elizabeth. I am contacting you about TLF Valimar. I have been leasing him for about 6 months now from XXXXXXXXXXX. Unfortunately our lease is over and he will be returning to their farm on Saturday. I just wanted to say that he has the best deminor and the kindest disposition. He will jump from anywhere and is pretty much bomb proof. I have ridden him as an Eq horse and we have done so well!! He is so relaxed, 5 year olds have walked him around at our barn and he is so respectful and gentle. He truly is a gentle giant. He will be very missed as he leaves... 
(Pictures at the bottom are of him)
Sincerely Elizabeth"
TLF Valdemar (aka Vinnie, by Valinor out of In A Dream xx)  competed at UNH Dressage show June 24th.
Placed:  First in Training level Test 1, Sixth in Training level Test 2, and First in First Level Test 1!  
June 22, 2017-In A Dream (TB mare) was bred to TLF Valinor (Westfalen).  Fingers crossed for a full sibling to Vinnie!
2017 Update on Over The Moon TLF (aka Ozzie, by Oswald and out of In A Dream xx)-Ozzie has been out showing with his owner/trainer Cathy and doing extremely well!   
FADS at By Chance Farm Show I-Training Level Test 2-First Place with a score of 68.270
FADS at By Chance Farm Show II-Training Level Test 2-First Place with a score of 64.8
Dressage At Heavenly Waters-Training Level Test 2-2nd Place with a score of 64.42
FADS- Training Level Test 3-2nd Place with a score of 63.6
FADS- Training Level Test 3-4th Place with a score of 63.1
June 25, 2017- 4 yr old , TLF Rosalinda (by Bodyguard and out of TLF Roseanne), went to her very first show under saddle!  
North Shore Horseman's Assoc.
She was entered in 3 the Walk, Trot, Beginner Canter classes-These classes had 14 horses in them and she placed Fifth in the first two classes and Fourth in the third.  Way to go Riley and good job riding Caitlin!
Happy Update: TLF Wicked (by Wizard WF and out of In A Dream xx)
One of my homebreds was at her first dressage show. Her owner is thrilled with her! Makes it all worth it! Here is a photo she sent of her and TLF Wicked at GMHA last week.
June 29, 2017 Mt. Holyoke College Dressage show Results:  TLF Bejeweled's first dressage show!  Placed 2nd in Training Level Test 1 with a score of 63.261, and Training Level Test 3 placed 1st with a score of 62.955.  Such a talented pony!  She will be a fantastic Dressage partner!  Be sure to check her out on our for sale page!
In A Dream xx confirmed in foal to TLF Valinor (Vienna Waltz, Wigwam) for 2018 full sibling to TLF Valdemar (aka Vinnie)!
Show update for TLF Bejeweled:
Second under saddle show:
Tack Shack II-Placed 1st, Training level Test 1 with score of 68.69 and placed 1st in Training level Test 3 with a score of 63.67.
Also at Tack Shack II was TLF Valdemar (aka Vinnie)
Placed first in First Level Test 1 with a score of 63.33, and first time doing First Level Test 3 placed 2nd!  
July 28, 29 and 30th TLF Valdemar was at GMHA Dressage days.  Where he qualified for Regional Championships at Training level.  He was also Friday's reserve Champion Jr/Yr at Training level, Sunday's Champion Jr/Yr at Training level and The GMHA Over All Champion for the whole weekend for Jr/Yr at Training level!  
Another update for Over the Moon TLF (Oswald, In A Dream): 7/30/17 By Chance Licensed Show II-Training Level Test 2 score 71.53% and Training Level Test 3 score 64.73. He qualified for the CBLM Championships in Lexington, KY! Go Cathy and Ozzie!
I am waiting for photos, so I will just leave this here until I get one, lol! hint, hint!
Nov. 15, 2017- New Round pen is done!  Brand new panels, easy to use gate, and new sand/stone dust footing.  Lighting is being installed for working them on those short winter days!
USDF All Breeds Awards 2017:  Twin Lights Farm bred horses and ponies ended the season very well! 
AWR Champion at Training Level- Over The Moon TLF, by Oswald and out of In A Dream xx, owned and ridden by Cathy Humprey.

AWR Reserve Champion at Training Level- TLF Valdemar, by TLF Valinor and out of In A Dream xx.  Owned and Ridden by Colleen Barrett.  

AWR Reserve Champion at First Level- TLF Valdemar, owned and ridden by Colleen Barrett.

NASPR Reserve Champion at Training Level- TLF Bejeweled, by Benno's Dream and out of TLF Crown Jewel (Crown Heartbreaker).  Owned by Mary Barrett (Twin Lights Farm) and ridden by Colleen Barrett.  

Over The Moon TLF (Ozzie) and Cathy Humphrey
TLF Valdemar (Vinnie) and Colleen Barrett
TLF Bejeweled and Colleen Barrett
Jan. 22, 2018:  Update on TLF Rockstar (Ruby): I received these photos along with a nice note. Ruby and her kid look so happy! Kim says Ruby is learning lots and best of all she is so careful with her little rider! I love getting updates on TLF bred horses and ponies!
2018 Show season is starting off with a bang!  Just got this update on Benno's Nor'Easter (Benno's Dream x Elphick's Encore):
 Benno's Nor'Easter (Stormy) was reserve Champion Medium Green Ponies at a show in Ohio this past weekend (his first time out, lol). And qualifies him for Nationals in KY in August! Go Stormy! Love that little red pony! Thank you Gretchan Anderson (Apple Knoll Farm) for the update!

Our first 2018 foal has arrived! TLF Rebel Yell (aka Billy), by Ridley (Rotspon, Walt Disney I) and out of TLF SummerSolstice (Schroeder, Crown Heartbreaker). Adorable black Sport Pony Colt with four white socks and star, stripe and snip. Will turn gray. Foaled 4/22/18 @ 7:10 pm
April 2018-TLF Rockstar and her new owner Kim, went to their first dressage show!  Kim says she was a very good girl, they did the intro tests and their scores were 65.5, 67.25 & 73.75!  Nice job Kim and Ruby!  
June 10, 2018 at 10:00 pm, In A Dream xx (aka Dreamer) had a gorgeous leggy Filly, by TLF Valinor (Westfalen).  Chestnut turning gray.  Her name (after a 1960's super model, you know, because of those long legs) TLF Veruschka (aka Vera).  Full sister to TLF Valdemar (aka Vinnie). 
June 13, 2018-Tack Shack I USEF Dressage show.  TLF Valdemar and Colleen got their second Qualifying score for Level 1, and will be heading to Regional Championships again this year!  Congratulations!  
My favorite part of being a breeder, getting updates on the horses and ponies that we produced! This is TLF Rockstar (aka Ruby) with her owner/rider at a show in June. She is looking great, getting fit, they are doing a great job with her! Kim says that Ruby sees her daughter arrive at the barn and nickers to her! Love it! TLF horses and ponies love their people! :) Please keep the updates coming!
July 21, 2018- TLF Macarena left for Illinois with her new owner, Marilyn, to start her new career as a competitive driving pony!  Good luck to you both, please share lots of photos and updates with us!  
July 22, 2018- TLF Masquerade placed 1st in the 2 yr old Fillies Class at the UMASS USDF Breed Show.  Biggest class of the day and competing with the warmbloods!
July 2018-Confirmed in foal for 2019:  TLF Crown Jewel-Schroeder (full sibling to TLF SummerSolstice) and In A Dream xx -Ballzauber.  TLF Margarita is confirmed in foal to Stibby Me.  
Aug. 16, 2018 TLF Rosalinda was Reserve Champion Long Stirrup division at Back Bay Farm Show!  She is for sale, contact info on for sale page.  
Betsy B and TLF Rosalinda (Riley) were 3rd in the Long Stirrup Under Saddle at Senator Belle farm today!! Aug. 2018
August is a very exciting and busy month for Twin Lights Farm Ponies!  Two ponies have found their people and are heading south!  (lucky ponies) 
TLF Bejeweled is going to North Carolina to be trained as a combined driving pony!  I can just picture her going through those obstacles!  Congratulations Laura!
TLF Masquerade is heading to West Virginia to become a dressage pony!  Just what I had envisioned her doing!  Congratulations Audra!  
Sept. 2018-Turned out to be a very busy month at TLF!  
                    TLF Rockstar returned.  Her family couldn't keep her any longer and she is back at TLF.  Currently being ridden by Christa, doing some dressage work and some jumping.  
                     TLF Valdemar went to NEDA Fall Region 8 championships show.  Placed 7th out of 17 riders in the First Level Test 3 Reg. 8, Jr/YR Championship class!  
                      Inspection results:  TLF Veruschka rated first premium at inspection with an overall score of 7.8, TLF Rebel Yell rated first premium with a score of 7.9, and TLF SummerSolstice rated Premier with an overall score of 8.0!  
                        TLF Summer Solstice left for training.  She is at Quarter Line Dressage until end of Dec.  

Cindi Rose Wylie "We LOVE working with this pony! She definitely has her Grand Prix daddy’s genes, as she shows nice potential for upper level work!"

TLF Veruschka
TLF Rebel Yell
TLF SummerSolstice
"4 year old Sport Pony mare, TLF SummerSolstice. Just over 30 days under saddle and going beautifully thanks to the efforts of Brittany Murphy assisted by Shelby Smith. Tammy Pratt Paparella finally got to try her today! Great job to all ❤️" Cindi Wylie